Thé blanc

Sweet and exotic white tea with notes of lychee fruit and coconut.

Biologique USDA | Certifié Commerce équitable | ORAC

Notes de dégustation

Flavor: delicate, tropical, sweet
Aroma: very fragrant, sweet, tropical
Color: golden yellow
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Lychee Coconut Tea
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Lychee Coconut Tea

À propos Lychee Coconut Tea

Type de thé : Thé blanc

Sea Buckthorn is native to Asia and Europe and is cultivated in Canada and the United States. Indian and Tibetan medical traditions have utilized the plant's healing properties for more than one thousands years. The plant blooms in April and the berries mature in August through October. The berries, bark, and leaves are used medicinally.

Instructions d’infusion

1. Chauffez de l’eau à 90°C.
2. Mettez le thé dans une tasse et versez l'eau sur les feuilles.
3. Laissez infuser pendant 2 à 4 minutes.
4. Savourez !

Pour les thés glacés en feuilles, utiliser 3 c. à café par verre de 23 cl.

Notes de dégustation

Flavor: delicate, tropical, sweet
Aroma: very fragrant, sweet, tropical
Color: golden yellow


  • Thé blanc biologique certifié commerce équitable™
  • Copeaux de noix de coco
  • Pétales de carthame
  • Argousier biologique
  • Arôme naturel de litchi
  • Autre arôme naturel (noix de coco, vanille)

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  1. Rosalia A.
    Acheteur vérifié

    great tea

    We are enjoying very much the teas.

    07/28/17 | MIAMI, FL
  2. Alethea B.
    Acheteur vérifié

    All time favorite

    I love this tea since I first tried it. I have tried other Tea Forte tea and this is the one I always go back to reorder.

    05/28/17 | McKinney, TX
  3. Erin M.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Not my favorite, but it's alright

    Be careful when steeping this: the tea I got was almost too fine for me to use properly. I had to use my aunt's french press to make sure I didn't have a bunch of leaves stuck behind. As for the taste, I would recommend that if you like more floral notes in your tea, this will do you just fine, but otherwise may taste too much like a perfume to others. I did notice that my skin has improved somewhat, though, so it definitely works on that front!

    05/20/17 | Tullahoma, TN
  4. Danna G.
    Acheteur vérifié


    This tea was good, has a unique flavor that I have not found in other teas.

    05/04/17 | Nipomo, CA
  5. Abby V.
    Acheteur vérifié

    I love this tea for something different!

    05/04/17 | Culbertson, MT
  6. Monika G.
    Acheteur vérifié


    Light and flavorful.

    04/16/17 | Lawrence, KS
  7. JesAnne T.
    Acheteur vérifié

    My New Favorite Tea!

    The lychee flavor in this tea is phenomenal. When steeped appropriately, it has the perfect hint of sweetness and is delicious hot or iced!

    02/22/17 | Hillsboro, OR
  8. Crystal W.
    Acheteur vérifié


    This is a good cup of tea.

    02/21/17 | Sarasota, FL
  9. Mary B.
    Acheteur vérifié


    good. not my favorite. not much coconut flavor

    02/09/17 | Corinth, TX
  10. Pamela O.
    Acheteur vérifié

    A bit messy

    I enjoyed the taste but had a difficult time with the looseness of the leaves and containing them. An additional strainer had to be used each time I used it.

    02/09/17 | St. Louis, MO
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