Thé blanc

Light with sweet blackberry leaves and lemon balm.

Certifié Casher

Notes de dégustation

Flavor: Distinct pear, balanced with tangy citrus and a spicy ginger finish
Aroma: fruity fresh pear with a pungent ginger note
Color: golden-yellow
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Iced Ginger Pear
Iced Ginger Pear

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Iced Ginger Pear

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Type de thé : Thé blanc

Iced Tea was first popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair when the India delegation couldn’t persuade attendees to try their hot tea in the sweltering summer heat. With ice added, the clean, refreshing taste was an instant success. Iced tea remains the most popular way that tea is enjoyed in the United States. As a nation that enjoys ice-cold refreshment, iced tea is a healthy, natural alternative. Elevating iced tea to a higher level, Tea Forté transforms a cool glass of iced tea into an entertaining event. Experience authentic iced tea with the balance and beauty of our innovative Tea Over Ice. The skillfully hand-crafted ingenious design of our Steep & Chill glass pitchers delivers delicious and refreshing iced tea steeped and chilled moments before you drink it. Tea Over Ice unlocks the diverse and subtle flavors and rich cool scent to deliver the ultimate gourmet iced tea.

Drinking tea plays a significant role in maintaining fluid balance, which is crucial for normal body function. Most adults need about two quarts of fluid daily, which should come from beverages and some fruits and vegetables.

Malva plants are a close relative of the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis) whose gooey sap was originally an ingredient in marshmallow candies.

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  • Instructions d’infusion

    1. Heat water to 175˚F. 2. In the small Tea Over Ice pitcher, pour hot water over infuser. Fill the larger pitcher with ice. 3. Stack & present to table, steep 5 minutes. 4. Flash chill by pouring the hot tea into the pitcher of ice. Serve in glasses and enjoy!

    Notes de dégustation

    Flavor: Distinct pear, balanced with tangy citrus and a spicy ginger finish
    Aroma: fruity fresh pear with a pungent ginger note
    Color: golden-yellow


    • Gingembre
    • Feuilles de mûrier
    • Mélisse
    • Thé blanc
    • Arôme naturel de pomme
    • Morceaux de poires
    • Arôme naturel de poire
    • Fleurs de mauve
    • Arômes naturels d'orange

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    1. Suzanne O.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Best iced tea ever

      I love your iced teas. I do not like black teas and all your varieties are wonderful.

      10/10/18 | Marlboro, MA
    2. Heather C.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Love this tea!!

      This is one of my favorite iced tea flavors. It’s refreshing, and light. Perfect for hot summer days.

      08/29/18 | Casper, WY
    3. Julia H.
      Acheteur vérifié


      Like this, but as a 'ginger freak' I think it could use just a little more flavor...

      08/29/18 | New Canaan, CT
    4. Dori B.
      Acheteur vérifié

      New tea experience

      Loved the fresh different flavor of this ice tea. This has inspired me to blend several tea forte flavors. As far as I’m concerned there is not a bad flavor.

      08/26/18 | Sunnyvale, CA
    5. Sheila A.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Awesome white tea

      I was diagnosed with acid reflux and told no more caffeine. My one and only caffeine source is iced tea! I was thrilled when I found tea forte made a white iced tea. I have been enjoying it comfortably for several years! I hope they add another flavor soon!

      08/24/18 | Medina, OH
    6. Sheila B.
      Acheteur vérifié

      My absolute fav!

      This tea was my first exposure to tea forte. I had my first cup in a cute lil diner in down town Marietta sq. I purchased an additional tea to go so I could make my first order. Been in love ever since

      08/20/18 | Powder Springs, GA
    7. Randi G.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Ice ginger pear pour over tea

      All of the pour over teas are excellent. This is no exception. Love them. Great product

      08/19/18 | Malibu, CA
    8. Joan C.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Fantastic smooth flavor

      Having tried the ginger pear decided to treat ourselves with some. It is very soothing hot but it is outstanding as iced tea.

      08/13/18 | PITTSBURGH, PA
    9. Linda M.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Ginger pear

      Loved this flavor

      07/31/18 | Palmetto Bay, FL
    10. Adrienne C.
      Acheteur vérifié

      You thought you weren't an iced tea drinker. Try this

      I am not an iced tea lover but this pitcher system changed my mind. It is so good without adding sugar! So refreshing!! The cold ginger pear has me hooked!

      06/18/18 | Mount Laurel, NJ
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