Thé vert

A sweet blend of mango and peach, enhanced by cool peppermint.

Certifié Casher

Notes de dégustation

Flavor: complex, light, refreshing and fruity; naturally sweet and palate cleansing
Aroma: fresh summer peaches with a hint of mint
Color: golden yellow
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Iced Mango Peach
Iced Mango Peach

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Iced Mango Peach

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Type de thé : Thé vert

Sweet, pine-scented mangoes are notoriously hard to skin and to pit. They contain a single hard flat seed surrounded by slippery flesh. To pit and slice a mango easily, try the "hedgehog method." Hold the mango with the seam along the stem parallel to the knife. Cut a hemisphere off of each side of the mango, about a quarter to a half inch to either side of the stem. Each hemisphere should then be scored with a knife in a grid-like pattern. Cut down to the skin, but not through it. Once scored, push firmly up on the middle of the skin side of the hemisphere with your fingers, while pushing down on the rim with your thumbs, turning the hemisphere inside out. At this point, a "hedgehog" shaped hemisphere with cubes of mango flesh should be sticking out of the inside-out skin. The cubes can be easily sliced off with a paring knife for no-mess mango pieces!

Green teas are well known for their high antioxidant levels and ability to arrest free radicals in our bodies. Green tea includes many kinds of antioxidant polyphenols, such as flavonoids, thearubigins, and epicatechins. The strongest antioxidant effects are often attributed to catechins, including EGCG which has received a great deal of media attention lately.

Recent epidemiological research strongly suggests that frequent green tea consumption reduces mortality, and studies have identified potential benefits in preventing ailments as diverse as tooth decay, cancer, and heart disease. Additionally, green tea includes L-theanine, a substance that has been shown to improve concentration and create a feeling of relaxation. Theanine is thought to counterbalance caffeine in tea and is often cited as a reason that tea may make one less jittery than coffee.

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  • Instructions d’infusion

    1. Chauffez de l’eau à 80°C.
    2. Mettez le thé dans une tasse et versez l'eau sur les feuilles.
    3. Laissez infuser pendant 2 à 4 minutes.
    4. Savourez !

    Pour les thés glacés en feuilles, utiliser 2 c. à café par verre de 23 cl.

    Notes de dégustation

    Flavor: complex, light, refreshing and fruity; naturally sweet and palate cleansing
    Aroma: fresh summer peaches with a hint of mint
    Color: golden yellow


    • Thé vert
    • Menthe poivrée
    • Gingembre
    • Honeybush
    • Arôme naturel de pêche
    • Cubes de pêche
    • Arôme naturel de mangue
    • Morceaux de mangue

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    1. Linnea M.
      Acheteur vérifié


      I really enjoyed this tea. The peppermint was a nice, refreshing touch! Even better with just a little sugar.

      08/29/18 | NEWARK, DE
    2. Carla M.
      Acheteur vérifié

      My new favorite

      I bought a box on Prime Day, and now I am hooked!

      08/29/18 | Wheaton, IL
    3. Swani N.
      Acheteur vérifié


      So fragrant! Great tea!

      08/28/18 | Milpitas, CA
    4. Brooke B.
      Acheteur vérifié


      This ice tea is refreshing and a welcome treat on a warm summer day!

      08/19/18 | Indianapolis, IN
    5. kelly l.
      Acheteur vérifié

      great green iced tea

      This Iced tea is wonderful and so easy to make in their tea over ice pitcher. Make sure you use the best purest ice you can get your hands on and steep it for no more than 2 minutes and you are in for a treat!!!

      08/19/18 | las vegas, NV
    6. Kathryn E.
      Acheteur vérifié

      A Lighter Side

      When I want a change and a lighter tea (for me) I choose Mango Peach. Goes nicely with a light lunch.

      08/19/18 | Punta gorda, FL
    7. Lori V.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Great flavor!

      Great fresh fruity flavor for summer ice tea!

      08/19/18 | Pinehurst, NC
    8. Randi G.
      Acheteur vérifié


      08/19/18 | Malibu, CA
    9. Linda M.
      Acheteur vérifié

      Loved it


      07/31/18 | Palmetto Bay, FL
    10. Lizbeth L.
      Acheteur vérifié

      My favorite

      This blend is my favorite of the Tea Over Ice collection. I would really live to see it in available in a canister!

      07/14/18 | Mason, OH
    11.  Voir plus d’avis