Ensemble carafe à thé glacé Tea Over Ice includes iced sampler 5pk

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Tout ce qu'il faut pour infuser un thé glacé authentique. Notre Ensemble carafe Tea Over Ice® comprend deux pichets Steep & Chill ™ résistants à la chaleur et conçus de manière sculpturale, qui s'empilent pour une présentation spectaculaire. Cet ensemble comprend une boîte découverte de cinq infuseurs de thé glacé (une pyramide de chaque mélange : Ceylon Gold, Orange Sanguine, Mangue Pêche, Gingembre Poire et Nectar de Framboises). Faites infuser le thé chaud dans la carafe supérieure à couvercle, puis faites refroidir le thé pour un thé glacé délicieusement frais en versant la boisson préparée sur la glace du pichet inférieur pour une dégustation immédiate.

Le coffret cadeau comprend
  • Two glass pitchers: one small pitcher for steeping, one large pitcher for ice
  • One Tea Over Ice Sampler box of 5 iced teas
Single blend iced teas are available in our Tea Over Ice 5pks or our Tea Over Ice Event Boxes of 40 pyramids. The proportions of hot water, tea and ice are perfectly balanced to produce a fresh 24 ounces of iced tea with each infuser.


Learn how to flash-chill authentic iced tea in minutes with our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set.

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  1. Leslie G.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Ice Pitcher Set a Tea Sampler

    The Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set is amazing and the best way to brew tea. Each of the sampler teas was totally delicious. We will be ordering lots of teas and keep a large inventory of these great teas.

    09/21/18 | Oakland, FL
  2. Tatevik S.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Intended for one person use.

    The item is nice but the images mislead you into thinking its intended for multiple servings. In reality, it is quite small and only intended for a single serving or for one person.

    09/09/18 | Belmont, MA
  3. Yongli G.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Love this set

    This set is very cute and very well thought out. I bought this one as a gift for a tea lover friend, and he absolutely love it.

    08/30/18 | Lexington, MA
  4. Cindy H.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Iced Tea

    I decided to try the sample to see which teas I like best. I am ordering more and look forward to more ice tea over my ice tea pitch set. It is an easy and quick way to make a tea that tastes just right!

    08/29/18 | Santa Fe, NM
  5. marathon e.
    Acheteur vérifié

    So cool. Love.

    08/29/18 | ENGLEWOOD, NJ
  6. Melanie B.
    Acheteur vérifié

    A beautiful toast to iced tea!!

    Makes a glass of iced tea a more luxurious event!

    08/29/18 | Stockton, CA
  7. Natalie L.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Catchy Package and Great Product

    I've been wanting a clear glass simple teapot and this is it. Fantastic to make iced tea in summer.

    08/29/18 | Seattle, WA
  8. Lars W.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Fun pitcher

    This is a nice gift option (in this case for ourselves). The sampler is good and the pitcher is fun and easy to use.

    08/29/18 | Silver Spring, MD
  9. Lori A.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Birthday Gift

    My friend loves iced tea but can’t have caffeine. The Tea Over Ice set ing with Bleu tea was a perfect gift and she loved it. So pretty and elegant.

    08/26/18 | Cypress, TX
  10. Kirk H.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Beautiful gift

    Presentation is beautiful and makes a wonderful gift. Only makes 2-3 glasses of iced tea--wish it made a larger quantity. Flavors are bold.

    08/24/18 | Metamora, IL
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