• Margaret M.

    Earl Grey Tea

    I purchased this tea today and brewed a cup. I have had Earl Grey tea before, but this was the most disgusting beverage I have tasted in my 74-1/2 years. I forced myself to drink about half the cup and then threw away the rest. The entire canister will see the trash by tomorrow. I am retired and a loss of $16.00 will hurt. I will no longer waste any more money on Tea Forte. Do not use my name in this review - you can use MRM.

    05/05/16 | I choose not to give my location., NH
  • Barbara D.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Not worth it.

    I am an avid Earl Grey tea drinker I have tried many brands they all are different yet all you know are Earl Gray. I’m not sure what this is but i would not call it Eary Gray

    12/27/17 | PHOENIX, AZ
  • William V.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Not your typical Earl Grey. Too perfumey with addition of cornflower petals which do not appear in the description.

    02/28/18 | Houston, TX
  • Jeff K.

    Overpowering Bergamot, Off Flavors and Odors

    After reading all the rave reviews about this tea I was excited to try it. I used a Single Steep in my Kati cup and let it steep for 4 minutes. The first thing I noticed was an off-putting, chrysanthemum-like odor that was almost reminiscent of insecticide. The taste was no better. As a Tea Forte fan and an Earl Grey lover, I appreciate bergamot, but this was overpowering and it almost tasted soapy. Sugar and cream didn't help. It left a sour aftertaste that I actually had to wash down with a sweet cola soda to get it out of my mouth. Very disappointing, would not buy it again.

    06/10/15 | Nunda, NY
  • Leanne S.

    This was once my favorite tea

    And whatever happened to the recipe has rendered it literally undrinkable. It smelled bad. It tasted bad. I got in touch with customer support and they're refunding my money and checking the batch to see if there was something wrong with it but they said they have changed the recipe. I don't know why when it was the best cup of Earl Grey tea I've ever tasted. Not any more :(

    05/25/16 | San Diego, CA
  • Laura S.

    I didn't like it

    I got started on this brand after having the African Solstice flavor. I decided to order several more, and since I'm a huge Earl Grey and Lady Grey fan, I ordered the Earl Grey. However, this Earl Grey blend wasn't to my liking. It was too floral for my taste. I'd recommend other flavors.

    03/28/18 | Lake Worth, FL
  • Andrea F.

    I guess TeaForte took the complaints about it being too strongly flavored to heart

    Of a 4 tea assortment box I was gifted, this was the type I most looked forward to. Sadly, I don't I could pick it out of a blind taste test. Who ever says that about an Earl Grey? I can barely convince myself there's bergamot in this, so I'm surprised by all the complaints that it is so strongly flavored. It would seem Tea Forte took those complaints and ran in the other direction. Bummer.

    03/13/16 | Seattle, WA
  • Alison H.

    Taste Great.. but powdery

    As the headline says, the taste is really nice, bold but not overpowering provided you do not over steep. My issue is that when I received the tea the majority of it was so broken down it was basically powdered, what I would expect if I opened up a tea bag. I steep in a fine mesh and still have to re-strain to avoid a cup full grains. Very Disappointing.

    12/21/12 | St Paul, MN
  • Jennifer S.

    Powdered Earl Grey?

    I remember how excited I was to get this tea. You see, earl grey tea is my favorite. And I opened up the canister to discover that it was powered - so fine that it was falling through the holes of my Kati Cup's strainer. But I gave it a shot anyway, thinking, "This is Tea Forte! Everything they do is great!" This tea did not impress. It's got too much Bergamot to it - it's all I could taste or smell. And because the leaves fell through the strainer, they kept steeping as I drank, making the tea bitter. I've tried everything I can think of - using less than a full teaspoon of tea in an 8 ounce cup to make it less strong, changing strainers even tried putting a teaspoon of it in a friend's "one cup" coffee maker....and nothing has worked to make this tea a winner for me.

    02/22/14 | Pittsburgh, PA
  • SCOTT S.
    Acheteur vérifié


    bitter, strange bergamot flavour, maybe old? got a second opinion from colleague, similar feeling

    01/20/18 | Ottawa, Canada
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