• Kaye G.

    Mom loves the teas!

    06/01/16 | Baltimore, MD
  • Genevieve P.

    The best tea!

    This has to be the best herbal tea ever. Great variety of teas in this beautiful box! Highly recommended!

    06/05/16 | Colorado Springs, CO
  • Kathleen H.

    Love the variety.

    06/29/16 | Carlsbad, CA
  • Chris M R.

    perfect combination of teas

    The large selection of individual teas in those excellent infusers makes it fun to drink tea. A different one each time makes for a nice change of pace. The chest is sturdy and attractive.

    08/09/16 | Dulles, VA
  • Monica T.
    Acheteur vérifié

    The best teas!

    This is an exquisite selection of herbal teas! The chest assortment makes tea drinking interesting and delicious. The teas are of superb quality and full of flavor.

    09/29/16 | Naperville, IL
  • Jennifer F.

    Winter chai

    This is my favorite tea of all time. I hate you can't get it year round. I try to buy a case of it to last me. Why do you have to take it away??????????

    10/20/16 | Bloomfield, MT
  • Marion H.

    New Customer

    I would be a new customer if only your would sell the Coco Truffle Tea by itself. I only like chocolate teas. So please make it available to buy by itself without and other samples. I only want to buy this tea and I will wait until you do sell it by itself, otherwise I will buy my chocolate tea at another company

    10/23/16 | Chicago, IL
  • Judy M.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Herbal Assortment tea chest

    A wonderful way to sample almost all the herbal teas available!

    10/31/16 | Lakewood, IL
  • wendy P.

    I love this tea and wish it was offered separately. I would order MANY boxes of it!

    11/20/16 | New York, USA
  • Ghada E.
    Acheteur vérifié

    Friend's favorite

    I have a dear friend who loves this collection. I send it to her twice a year. This is the 4th year I have sent them to her. She loves the flavors and aroma. Whenever I go home we have our tea time.

    11/21/16 | Corsicana, TX
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